New York Giants Punter, Steve Weatherford, on CBS Game Changers

New York Giants Punter, Steve Weatherford, on CBS Game Changers


If you ever have the chance to meet the punter for the NY Giants, Steve Weatherford, carve out some time in the days that follow.  You’ll probably find yourself buying a juicer, shopping for new workout clothes, scheduling in a few more hours at the gym, making a vision board, reading fitness magazines, thinking about volunteering…the possibilities are endless.  Steve Weatherford dreams big.  Spend five minutes with him and you too will start dreaming a little bigger.

This I know, because recently I hit the road to New Jersey where I interviewed Steve Weatherford for Game Changers on CBS.  That same day, after the shoot, I was already making notes to myself about ways to kick up my nutrition, fitness and charity work.  Steve Weatherford inspires.

Game Changers is a show featuring professional athletes who work hard on and off the field.  I am happy to be part of the team as a correspondent.  The show airs weekends on CBS, hosted by Kevin Frazier as part of The CBS Dream Team.  I’m a big fan of the show so it’s awesome to tell the stories of athletes who are helping change lives.

This weekend, Steve Weatherford is one of those athletes.  Although, athlete is not the only word that describes him.  Philanthropist, family man, fitness fanatic, football player…the list goes on.  But on the day we met, I’d describe him as superhuman.

He arrived at Momentum Cycling & Fitness in NJ to help launch the new facility and his new charitable organization, The Steve Weatherford World Champion Foundation.  It was just days after he injured his left ankle during the Giants season opener.  He looked ready to go and insisted he would play Sunday, which he did.  On this day, before he got in the door, he stopped in the rain to shake hands, sign footballs and pose for pictures with kids eagerly awaiting his arrival.  Once inside, it was all about meeting the fans that lined up to see him.

I wondered how much time he would give us to chat.  He was extremely generous and shared his life story.  It’s a great life and a great story and you can catch it this weekend on Game Changers.

If you follow Steve Weatherford on social media, you know you’ll see a lot of adorable pictures of his kids, blasts of fitness advice and inspiring messages.  He often writes about expressing gratitude.  So, thank you Steve Weatherford for inspiring us to live healthy, pay it forward and dream big.

Catch the episode this weekend on CBS.  Check your local listings.


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